Years Past... 20/20 Party w/a Vision... this year 5-30-20


 Hand picked beers. Some you may know some you won't. We do our best to find the hard to find, seasonals, rareities & one-offs. Last year we had 11 firkins and pins from as far away as...

well, i can't really remember where she was from!  


Every year we get a lil bigger, beers flow a lil smoother, and the beat goes on.

The idea is to host an event where the sun shines down, the wind blows through, and the people around you become your friends.

It's all about the stories we live, right?



Warning:  This is a Craft Beer Festival....

   Please don't dance your day away as the 13 different Bands perform their Original Creations....

 You will need some time to taste our Local Cuisine while browsing other Hand Made Art,

Besides Craft Beer.


Oh, did i/We mention-

  1.  Of course we have an Early Byrd Special, it's a Shore Thing.

  2.  There are 2 tix avail.  GA & VIP

        (there's another page on that;)

  3.  There are over 100 beers to try, at 3 different outdoor locations with 12+ band/musician/storyteller/van down by the river lovers....

  4.  There's 4 locations if you count the boat.  Which is on the Miles River. And i imagine the music equipment they all have to carry, did come out of a van;) SO, SUPPORT LOCAL & throw em a $1.

   Cheers!   Enjoy Yourself, Buy early, save, don't wait in line  and plz only ask real life questions.

    example.  Yes, there are DD tix

 No, it's 21+  to enter, so, it's not really kid friendly.

but if you really can't find a sitter, we do understand but they must be on a leash.